24 - 26 September 2024

Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

Building Sustainability Together


At Big 5 Construct Nigeria, we are committed to fostering sustainability throughout our event, and we encourage all exhibitors and attendees to join us in our mission to reduce environmental impact. Here are some key initiatives and guidelines to help you participate in creating a more sustainable event:


For all attendees:


  • Utilize accommodation options within walking distance of the venue with special promo codes for event attendees.


  • Coordinate travel plans with colleagues to maximize sustainability by utilizing carpooling. Reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact by sharing rides to the event.

For exhibitors:

Structure and design of the stand:

  • Opt for modular stands over MDF structures to minimize waste and promote reusability.
  • Utilize LED lights to conserve energy and reduce your stand's carbon footprint.
  • Implement procedures to power down your stand during non-operational hours to save energy.
  • Choose reusable, sustainable materials for giveaways and corporate gifts instead of plastic bags.
  • Reuse bespoke elements of your stand and hire furniture to minimize resource consumption.
  • Place recycling bins on your stand to encourage proper waste sorting and reduction.

Printed collateral:

  • Embrace digital solutions to reduce paper waste and opt for recycled paper if printing is necessary.
  • Allow the organizer team to collect surplus printed materials for recycling.

Stand catering:

  • Choose from sustainable menus and eco-friendly cutlery options provided by the venue.
  • Opt for 'Green Meeting Packages' to minimize environmental impact during meetings.



Initiatives by us, the Organizers:

Digital solutions:

  • We no longer print event guides; instead, we display QR codes that attendees can access for required information.
  • During the event, we utilize digital boards for the Big 5 Talks agenda instead of printed agendas, contributing to paper waste reduction.
  • A lead retrieval app replaces printed business cards, allowing exhibitors to scan and track leads received at their stand.

Catering used at the event:

  • Any remaining food is distributed to workers or venue staff to minimize food waste.

Carpet for the event:

  • We utilize reusable carpet for stands, and the venue is permanently carpeted, contributing to waste reduction efforts.

Plants for the event:

  • We choose native plants over fresh-cut flowers that are usually provided by the venue itself, and in place were suppliers are used, they are returned for proper storage respectively.

Shell scheme stand:

  • The shell scheme materials are reused by the contractor for other shows, resulting in no waste while promoting resource efficiency.

Thermal Badges:

  • Transitioning from plastic badge holders and paper badges to thermal badges will reduce waste, as the durability of thermal paper ensures less frequent replacements and eliminates the need for plastic badge holders.

Signage structures:

  • Wooden structures for signage are reused by the contractor for other shows, promoting resource efficiency.

Other wood and metal waste:

  • We ensure the reuse or recycling of wood and metal waste by the end of the event to reduce landfill contributions.

Sustainable suppliers utilized of the event:

  • We opt to work with sustainable contractors and suppliers that align with our company goals, which include:
  • DSV: Click to view DSV - Sustainability Statement


We are continuously looking for initiatives to make our event sustainable so let's work together to build a greener event, by taking your first step at
Big 5 Construct Nigeria.

Thank you for joining us in our commitment to a more sustainable future.